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Hand-drawn by a professional illustrator
Receipt in 4 days*

*In fact, it takes an average of 4 working days to receive the digital JPEG format by e-mail. Allow a few extra days for the paper copy to be sent by post.

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Beautiful discovery!
Great quality illustrations at a very affordable price (personally I haven't found a better price). And the customer service is excellent: I recommend it! Thank you Illustraworld, I will definitely order again.
Great quality, I'm really happy with my drawing! Affordable price for top quality! Thanks to Illustraworld for their reliability and speed, I'll recommend them for Mother's Day.
Nina RB
I've just received my order and it's amazing!
Thank you so much, this illustration of my daughter is really good. Very good communication too, thank you for taking the time to reply to my emails.
See you soon for sure.
vljf 2003




Whether as a gift or for yourself, transform your most beautiful photo into a faceless portrait with Illustraworld!
A custom illustration is the best gift for a wedding, a birth, a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day…


faceless portrait
faceless portrait
faceless portrait

Firstly, what is a custom faceless portrait ?

Overall, a custom illustration is a graphic drawing designed by our illustrators from a photo of your choice.
Indeed, you choose a souvenir photo and we transform it into a beautiful, unique and colorful drawing. 
Finally, the result is a custom digital work that can also be printed. 
Immortalize your most beautiful memories in an original way with this timeless decorative element! Then, it’s up to you: give your custom illustration to a loved one for a special occasion, or keep it to embellish your home.

Looking for the perfect gift? Don’t hesitate any longer and order a gift that will create emotion and engrave your most beautiful moments together forever!
All you have to do is choose a photo that’s special to you: alone, as a couple, with friends or family, but also a photo of your favorite view or any place that’s dear to you. Our team of illustrators will be delighted to transform it into a magnificent portrait!
Still not sure which photo to choose for your faceless portrait? See our page:  Our tips for choosing the perfect photo

Custom drawings can also be used in the professional world for all kinds of events. For instance : seminars, farewell parties, conferences, team building, afterwork events…
Moreover, they can be used on a wide range of materials, including t-shirts, totes bags, posters, mugs, cushions and much more. Most important, it’s an original communication medium that will help you stand out from the crowd.

How does it work ?

1 – Firstly, select your photo and then click on the corresponding product.
2 – Secondly, choose the design background: custom background (the background of your photo) or simple background. You can choose from the following colors for the simple background: beige, blue, pink, green, orange or brown.
3 – Thirdly, choose your format: either digital only, or digital and printed with 3 print sizes: A3, A4 or A5.
4 – If you wish, you can add the eyes and nose option to make your illustration look as similar as possible to your photo.
5 – Finally, upload your photo and complete the required information (hair color and/or eye color).

You’ll receive your portrait in digital format by e-mail in just a few days. Just in case, remember to check your spam folder. Printed formats are send within 1 to 2 working days after the reception of your digital format.
Delivery is available in mainland France, Europe and North Africa. 
For orders over €60, delivery is free (excluding digital formats and only within mainland France).

Also, a brief history of Illustraworld

Did you know? Illustraworld was created by two best friends: Charlotte and Cyriane. Indeed, the two young women met at the age of 16, as they were in the same high school class. Obviously, it was a friendly crush. In addition to their cheerful personalities, they realized that they shared the same interests and the same passion for art. Every weekend, the two friends spent their afternoons visiting a new museum. In just two years, they had visited most of the museums in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Even then, they knew that one day they would have an entrepreneurial project together. Consequently, when they heard about custom illustrations, it was obvious. They’d finally found the product they’d dreamed of creating: one that was fully customizable, created emotion and could be offered at a reasonable price.

Finally, our purpose

As a matter of fact, Illustraworld is the result of a long quest and, above all, the result of a shared passion. For that reason, Illustraworld exists to make you dream, to let you feel the emotion of a faceless portrait without having to pay a fortune. In fact, what we find most satisfying about our work is knowing that our illustrations bring joy and emotion to our customers. Likewise, we’re delighted when someone chooses to give an Illustraworld gift to a loved one. Indeed, the fact that a customer trusts us enough to let us illustrate the painting they’re planning to give to their parents, their best friend, their spouse… is a real source of pride for us.

For this purpose, we’re in the business to give you the gift of emotion. First thing to remember is that every person is unique and deserves something special. Something designed especially for them. As a result, that’s why we work hard every day. To live up to your uniqueness. When you receive your faceless portrait, the goal is to put a big smile on your face. If that’s the case, we’ve won everything. Thank you all for allowing us to live this adventure, and thank you again for the trust you place in us. Long live personalization, long live gifts and long live Illustraworld!