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Thanks to Illustraworld, you can transform your souvenir photo into a magnificent custom illustration for couples!
For the custom couple portrait 2 people, we write your two first names and a special date at the bottom of the illustration.

If you want the same illustration in several quantities, backgrounds or with different options, go to our additional quantities product once the illustration has been added to your basket.

Illustraworld offers you a beautiful custom couple illustration for less than 15€. Delivery in 4 working days on average. Made with love!

custom couple illustration

Custom couple illustration: the perfect gift for your loved one

Choosing the right gift for your partner’s birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day is always a real headache. Illustraworld makes it easy for you with its custom couple illustration. Thanks to Illustraworld, you can treat your loved one without breaking the bank. The illustration is based on a photo. With this in mind, Illustraworld advises you to choose a photo that is important to your couple. It could be a photo from one of your travels, or the first photo you took together, or a photo of a moment that meant a lot to you. The portrait will remind your partner of this beautiful memory, while adding a modern touch to your decor.

Bear in mind that a custom couple illustration isn’t just a great gift idea for a special occasion like a birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day. In fact, it’s also a gift that you can give just like that, just to please someone. The prices offered by Illustraworld allow you to delight your lover for no particular reason. Giving an Illustraworld drawing is a little attention that doesn’t cost much but warms the heart.

It’s a way of showing the other person that you’re thinking of them, that you attach importance to this photo and to your relationship. It’s about materializing your relationship with a symbolic object. What could be more beautiful than showing your love by decorating your little cocoon with a personal touch? By adding both your first names and a date, you can personalize your design right down to the last detail. Give the gift of love and joy with an Illustraworld faceless portrait.

A gift idea for a wedding

What’s more, the custom couple painting is an excellent gift idea for a wedding! Yes, when you go to a wedding, it’s hard to find something original for the bride and groom! Thanks to the Couple illustration, you can offer something delicate on a tight budget. You’re sure to win over the bride and groom!

What’s more, the custom couple portrait is also a great idea for the wedding itself. If you’re getting married, you can transform your couple photos into beautiful custom portraits of your loved ones. There are lots of possible variations. You can have your photo illustrated for display as decoration at your event. It’s a well-known fact that wedding decoration is a very delicate subject.

You have to manage to seduce all the guests, you have to manage to remain classy while standing out from the crowd… not easy. With personalized pictures, you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd. This is your day. It’s the day of your union. It’s a celebration of your love. So why decorate your room with elements that can be found elsewhere?

Your day, your world

Yes, because it’s your day, it has to be like you. Your wedding and the whole atmosphere should symbolise the love that reigns between you and your partner. We have the solution to make this happen. As we’ve explained, you can have your couple’s photos illustrated so that they become genuine custom couple drawings. You can then hang the pictures as decoration.

But there are other ways! If you’re planning to leave souvenirs for your guests, you can have your illustration printed on the gifts you’re giving: chocolate boxes, magnets, sachets of sugared almonds, etc. Your personalized couple painting can add a trendy and memorable dimension to your gifts.

Testimonial from Paola, who ordered a custom couple illustration

“I’ve been dating Antoño for a year now. On our one-year anniversary, I wanted to mark the occasion. I wanted to give him something that really mattered. Something that would make him feel special. I didn’t want a simple gift. Indeed, I wanted something that would make a difference. Something that would make an impression. I knew about custom drawings but I’d never ordered one before. After a bit of research, I came across the Illustraworld website and it was love at first sight. I was immediately seduced by the detail of the drawings and the fact that they were hand-drawn. They were art. Great art, in fact.

The hardest part was choosing the photo! I finally settled on the photo we took on New Year’s Eve. At exactly midnight, we kissed under the fireworks in the ski resort where we were staying. The fireworks were also in my tummy! The custom portrait of the couple created by Illustraworld was beyond my expectations. I could feel the energy between Antoño and me. The portrait now hangs in my bedroom. I look at it every night.

Finally, originality and emotion are our watchwords. Illustraworld likes to combine aesthetics with memories, modernity with simplicity, personalization with decoration. Our reward is the emotion our illustrations generate for our customers.

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