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Thanks to Illustraworld, you can transform your souvenir photo into a magnificent custom family portrait as well as a portrait of your friends or partner!

Illustrations for more than 10 people are subject to quotation.
If you want the same illustration in several quantities, backgrounds or with different options, go to our additional quantities product once the illustration has been added to your basket.

Looking for a custom family portrait? Put your trust in Illustraworld, which offers illustrations from just €9.90 with delivery within a few days.

custom family portrait

The number of people on your custom portrait: family, couple, friends…

Firstly, how many people are in your photo? On our website, you can order illustrations of between 1 and 10 people. If there are more than 10 people in your photo, please contact us through the contact form! We will send you a quote. You should know that Illustraworld can produce illustrations with a large number of people on them. Yes, nothing scares us!

In any case, we love all illustrations. You’re the star with faceless portrait with just one person. A custom illustration with 2 people, ideal for a couple. The trio illustration, perfect for dad, mum and baby! A photo of 4, 5 or even 6 people for a great drawing of family or friends. And of course this number can go very high… Because as we all know, there are big families and big groups of friends!

Be careful, just because there are a lot of people in your photo doesn’t mean we’re going to be careless! When there are lots of people in the photo, Illustraworld takes good care of everyone. Indeed, we make it a point of honor to take care of all our drawings, including, of course, the busiest ones. Every detail is important and we have the same high standards for a 1 people illustration as for a 15 people illustration, for example.

Every detail counts!

Indeed, details count for a lot in the illustrations. A pair of glasses, a pretty motif, the color of a breathtaking sunset… Each element is treated with the importance it deserves. A custom drawing should seem the original photo, but should always enhance it! That’s right, Illustraworld’s illustrations are designed to magnify your photo, to make it a work of art worthy of the people represented. Hence, the need to pay attention to every detail. Even if the photo is of course simplified using the drawing technique, the smiles, the facial expressions, the shape of the head, the haircut… all these elements make it possible to automatically recognize the people illustrated.

Therefore, go ahead and order your custom family portrait from Illustraworld today. We’ll take good care of your souvenir photo! To find out how long it will take to receive your digital format, go to the home page. There you’ll find the current average delivery time (in working days). In any case, it only takes a few days to receive your digital format. That’s right, we’re fast at Illustraworld!

How did Illustraworld come about?

Illustraworld is the fruit of a friendship! Charlotte and Cyriane, two childhood friends, met at secondary school and immediately fell in love as friends. The two young women shared the same values and the same passions. After finishing higher education, they wanted to become entrepreneurs. The friends had always enjoyed working together. They liked working together because they always had the same attention to detail, the same determination, the same goal.

Thus, Charlotte and Cyriane wanted to work together, but were waiting for an idea for a project they were passionate about. They had always loved the fine arts, but didn’t see themselves as an artistic duo. No, they wanted to sell something that would touch people, something that would have a real impact.

One day, they discovered custom portraits and it was a real revelation. This was the product they wanted to market! A product that could be totally custom and adapted to each individual. We’re all unique, so why should we buy the same things? But above all, they wanted to sell a product that offered an extraordinary emotion. A product that makes art accessible to everyone.

What a pleasure!

What’s more, the two young women immediately took a liking to the concept of custom drawings because they made people happy. As a matter of fact, a custom family portrait makes the whole family smile. When we gave our first personalized family picture to a relative to try out our products, he simply shed a little tear! He was very moved to see his whole family together in a colorful, handmade work of art. This test definitely convinced Charlotte and Cyriane to create Illustraworld, their company offering personalized illustrations accessible to everyone. Accessible to all, because an essential point in the creation of the company was to offer affordable prices. Today, Illustraworld offers prices on average three times lower than the competition. That’s something we’re really proud of.

Since December 2021, we have completed several hundred orders. We’ve received a lot of compliments. Nothing can make us happier than receiving these compliments. Every day, we wake up with the gratitude of being able to do what we love and, above all, of being able to bring happiness to people. So long live art, long live illustrations and long live Illustraworld!

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