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Please make sure you respect the number of people (1 person) on the uploaded photo (an animal counts as one person).
If you would like several copies of the same illustration, go to our additional quantities product once the illustration has been added to your basket.
Your digital illustration will be sent to you by email.
We print our illustrations on photo paper.

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With Illustraworld, transform your most beautiful photo into a custom illustration from €9.90! For yourself, or as a gift.

Illustraworld explains in detail what a custom illustration is

In practical terms, a custom drawing is the transformation of a photo into a graphic design.
At Illustraworld, our custom paintings are created by professional illustrators. They work with design software. Starting from your photo, our illustrator will draw the shapes, choose the colors, create shadows and separations so that the resulting design is as modern as possible. Our graphic guidelines are based on two main pillars: bright colors and rounded shapes.

We illustrate people and/or landscapes. You can have a photo illustrated with people on it and choose a simple background (beige, orange, brown, pink, blue or green) or choose a custom background. In this case, the illustrator will also draw the background for your photo. So your custom portrait will be as personalized as possible!
Finally, we can also draw a landscape, without any people on it, using our custom background product.
Would you like a color other than the simple background? Specify the color code at the last stage of your order, during validation (or by email to [email protected]).

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For the Couple illustration and the Custom Background illustration, we’ve added the option of writing text. For the Couple illustration, we can write the first and last names of the couple and a date (date of first meeting, wedding anniversary, etc.) on the lower part of the drawing. Finally, for the Custom Background illustration, we can write any text you like (the name of the place being represented, for example).
Whatever the case, you can be sure that we’ll create all your illustrations with love and care.

Would you like to order a custom illustration?

Ordering is easy. Simply upload your photo on the associated product page. For example, here you are on the 1 person product page. This means that there must be only one person in the image you are going to upload. Next, as explained above, you need to tell us which options you are choosing. Finally, you can go to your basket page, enter your billing and delivery details and proceed to payment. Once your order has been confirmed, we send your photo to one of our illustrators. She can then begin her painstaking work to create the most beautiful illustration possible. Keep in mind that our ultimate goal is your satisfaction. We know that this illustration will mean something sentimental to you. We know that. And that motivates us to create unique and beautiful designs.

Customer feedback from Martin, 22, who ordered a custom portrait

“Thank you to the Illustraworld team. Thank you because from now on, all the gifts I give will be through your website, that’s for sure. I’ve already given around twenty gifts thanks to your services (can you imagine?). The first gift I gave was on Valentine’s Day. It’s a very important holiday for my girlfriend. I have to admit that, personally, it’s not a holiday I attach much importance to. But I do want to make my girlfriend happy. That’s why Valentine’s Day took on a special dimension: I had to find something unique for my sweetheart. As it happens, she’s more or less an artist. She loves to create and is very sensitive to art.

One day, I saw a custom illustration on her Instagram feed. Without necessarily giving me a reason, she showed it to me and told me that she loved this style of drawing. It didn’t fall on deaf ears! If she wanted a custom illustration, she’d have it. So I ordered my first minimalist drawing. I chose the custom couple portrait. It’s a style of illustration on which you can engrave two first names. So of course I wrote my first name and hers: Rose. What a beautiful name. I ordered an A3 size, which is the largest size Illustraworld offers. I’m thinking big, you might say!

The reasons for my adoration

You have to realize that I’m someone who takes things at the last minute. So what I particularly like about Illustraworld is the delivery times! Only a few days to receive your illustration. That’s unheard of. What’s more, the quality of the photo paper is top-notch. It’s really a top-of-the-range product for me. But the prices are quite reasonable! As I love a good bargain, you can imagine that if you combine speed, quality and attractive prices, I’m automatically seduced!

So I gave my first custom gift to my girlfriend. Then one to my mother for Christmas. A second to my mother for Mother’s Day. I had a custom illustration made from the photo she took with me at the maternity hospital when I was born. And the second was an illustration of her, my sister and me in her house in Normandy. I can’t even begin to describe how moved she was.

As I said, I’ve given more than fifteen other illustrations to friends, family and even colleagues. I’ve always enjoyed them immensely. I’ll be recommending them to you again, that’s for sure. I’m so taken with this art form and the emotion it inspires.”

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