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Make sure you respect the number of people (4 people) on the uploaded photo (an animal counts as one person).
If you would like several copies of the same illustration, please go to our product additional quantities once the illustration has been added to your basket.
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We print our illustrations on photo paper.

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Looking for beautiful custom illustrations? Order it on Illustraworld from €9.90 and receive it in just a few days.

Custom illustrations: a timeless decorative element!

We don’t know about you, but we love decorating! Picking up a little piece of furniture from the 70s at the local flea market, buying a beautiful decorative object that caught our eye while we were shopping, or bringing back a souvenir from a family trip… Our homes are overflowing with objects of all kinds. Objects we hold dear, objects with a history. In the midst of all these objects have crept a few custom illustrations. Whatever your style, they’ll blend in perfectly with the rest of your decor. In fact, since you can choose the background color, all you have to do is match the colors! If you’re into the figurative style, you can also choose a custom background. Your custom illustration will then blend into your decor just like a photo would, only more modern.

You are the star!

For example, a custom family portrait hung on your living room wall will add a touch of fun to your interior. What’s more, it’ll add a personal touch: it’s your home! it’s your family! With our custom illustrations, your little tribe takes on color and becomes a real work of art. If you don’t want a personalized drawing for yourself, order one for a gift! In fact, keep in mind that our custom illustrations represent a gift idea that’s out of the ordinary. For example, it’s a great present for grandparents or great-grandparents. You can choose a photo of them with the rest of the family. In A3 print format, they’ll have a lovely custom frame that represents family happiness, the warmth of home and Sunday get-togethers. You will be sure to charm them.

Many of our customers have called on us for celebrations such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day. All the feedback we’ve had has been extremely positive. The people who have received Illustraworld paintings as gifts have all been very moved, surprised and impressed by the likeness of the drawings.

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You can also hang a faceless portrait in your home: as a couple, with friends, a landscape or even a photo of yourself alone! You’ve got the right to be a star, don’t you? After all, we’re talking about your home.
For printed formats, we offer A3 (large), A4 (medium) and A5 (small). But if you wish, you can have your illustration printed in a larger or smaller format. With your order, you’ll always receive your digital format, so you can have it printed on any type of media and in any size.
Whatever the case, Illustraworld will always do its utmost to satisfy you and create an emotional custom drawing for you.

Our classic illustrations for 1 to 10 people allow you to create a colorful, modern custom family portrait from the photo of your choice.

We also propose custom backgrounds, a type of illustration in which the people in the photo are not illustrated. It’s the perfect option if you want to illustrate a landscape, such as a photo of a house or a monument. For example, your vacation home or the Eiffel Tower.

Minimalist drawings and couple illustrations

There’s also the minimalist drawing product. Are you familiar with this type of illustration? It’s a custom portrait that’s also created from a photo, but on which the illustrator will only draw the outlines. In fact, she’ll draw the contours of your body as well as a few elements inside, such as your accessories and clothing. She’ll detail your hair, your mouth, your eyebrows, so that the result is a minimalist illustration that represents you, and through which you recognize yourself. The portrait will be in black and white. The outlines will be in black, against a white background. This is an extremely modern and trendy style.

Finally, we’d like to introduce you to our custom couple portrait 2 people. It’s the same illustration as custom illustration 2 people, except that on the couple illustration, you can write both your first names and a date. It’s a style of illustration for lovers… but not the only one! In fact, you can also choose this type of drawing for a custom portrait with a member of your family, with a friend or even with your pet! If you don’t want to put a date on the illustration, just let us know in the “special remarks” section of each product.

Customer feedback from Eva, 33, who bought custom illustrations

“I ordered a family portrait from Illustraworld because I absolutely had to have a beautiful family portrait in my living room. I’m so happy with the result. I love the fact that I can decorate my home with objects that look like me and my family. My husband is crazy about it. He thinks we look ten years younger in the drawing, and I have to admit it doesn’t hurt. As for my children, they marvel at the cartoon aspect of the picture.

When someone comes to my home, you can be sure they’re going to compliment my custom family portrait! I liked it so much that now, when it comes to giving gifts, I swear by it! Yes, giving a custom painting is a guaranteed way to please the recipient. Thanks to Illustraworld, I always hit the nail on the head, so thank you!

I am very happy with my order and will be recommending it very soon. I look forward to offering personalized illustrations to all my loved ones for any occasion. Last but not least, there’s nothing wrong with the price. I haven’t found it cheaper anywhere else! The value for money is more than correct, and I can only recommend that you place an order. ”

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