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Make sure you respect the number of people (3 people) on the uploaded photo (an animal counts as one person).
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From €9.90! Would you like a personalized family drawing? Have it made at Illustraworld.

How do you choose the photo for your personalized family drawing?

Whether it’s a portrait of a family, a couple, friends… or even a landscape, are you unsure about which photo to have illustrated? We totally understand! But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Firstly, you need to choose a photo that makes sense. A photo that reminds you of a special moment.

Our smartphones are often full of fairly innocuous photos: selfies, screenshots or a series of almost identical photos. But among all this junk is the rare gem: THE perfect photo. For a personalized family drawing, for example, we know that it’s very complicated! You have to find a photo in which your little sister doesn’t make a face, your cousin doesn’t close his eyes, and in which everyone looks pretty much the same. Tough job! Whatever the case, Illustraworld will create a personalized family portrait to match. In fact, even if our illustrators rely on the photo to create your drawing, they can still arrange a few details. For example, if you close your eyes a little too tightly, we’ll open them a little more subtly to make sure everything is harmonious.

Conceived and produced with very special attention, our illustrations are as close as possible to your expectations.

Let us help you choose your photo!

As for the “technical” aspect of your photo, we invite you to consult Our tips for choosing the ideal photo. You’ll find explanations on which photos to choose (smiles, accessories, etc.). You’ll also find advice on how to highlight the people in the photo or the background. Some photos are better illustrated than others. For example, photos taken by someone (full-length, head-and-shoulders, etc.) generally look better than photos taken in selfie mode. Above all, it is very important to send a photo that is sharp enough for us to illustrate it. Photos that are too blurry or too pixelated are very difficult to illustrate. For the eyes and nose option in particular, the quality of the photo is all the more important as the illustrator needs to correctly identify the facial features.

The same applies to custom backgrounds. For example, if the background of your image is fairly basic and not important to you, we advise you to choose a simple background. For one thing, it will look better. You could, for example, choose a colored background to give your illustration a bit of pizzazz. Secondly, you’ll save money because a simple background is cheaper than a custom background! Whatever you decide, we’ll work hard to create a design that will blow you away! Now, you can order your illustration here.

Testimonial from Laurène, 36, who bought a personalized family drawing on Illustraworld

“I’ve always been a fan of personalized objects. Even as a child, I didn’t like having the same clothes as everyone else, so I spent a lot of time customising my things. It drove my mum crazy. I cut out my jeans, added pins to my t-shirts and even colored my jumpers! As I grew up, it didn’t stop – quite the contrary. Phone cases, clutches, tote bags… Anything I could personalize, I personalized! So a lot of clothes and accessories. When it came to decorating, I had a really hard time finding what I wanted. I hung a lot of photos on the walls, because it was the only thing that allowed me to have objects representing me and my loved ones in my house. It was a bit annoying because I like colorful and original things, and photos aren’t the most modern of things.

So when I came across the personalized portraits, I fell in love with them straight away. I love the bright colors, the round shapes and the simplicity. And above all, I love the fact that the painting is personalized and comes from my photo. It’s my portrait in drawing. The first photo I had transformed was a couple’s portrait: a photo of my husband and me on the beach. The result was a real work of art! I had the illustration printed on a large canvas and hung it in my living room. And that’s how my first personalized family drawing came into my home.

Customization, again and again!

Of course, I didn’t stop there. I immediately wanted to transform a photo of my children into a drawing. It’s a picture of my youngest (my little baby), my son and my older daughter. The three of them were so cute. I had this portrait printed on lots of different materials. I ordered three A3 formats from Illustraworld: one for me, one for my mother and one for my grandmother. But I also used the digital version to order a custom phone cover, a personalized cushion and also a mouse pad!

Finally, I wanted to see our whole family together: I chose a photo of the five of us on our last holiday. I chose the custom background option because I really wanted to show the beautiful snow-capped mountains behind us. It’s the most beautiful custom family portrait I’ve ever seen. We are so beautiful. There is so much love in this faceless portrait. You can tell that the people who draw it are passionate about it and really pay attention to detail.

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