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Make sure you respect the number of people (8 people) in the photo you upload (an animal counts as one person).
If you would like several copies of the same illustration, go to our additional quantities product once the illustration has been added to your basket.
Your digital illustration will be sent to you by email.
We print our illustrations on photo paper.

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From €9.90! Illustraworld is the best shop for your custom illustration from photo.

Do you know how Illustraworld started?

Firstly, Illustraworld was created by two young women: Cyriane and Charlotte. They met at school, in first year of high school to be precise. It wasn’t long before they realized that they shared a number of interests, including graphic design. Then, a few years later, they discovered custom drawings. Turning a photo into an illustration. It was a real revelation! Indeed, above and beyond their passion for the world of graphic design, Cyriane and Charlotte were above all attracted by the idea of personalization. What could be more magical than creating something totally unique, unique to you?

In the summer of 2021, Cyriane and Charlotte began to imagine Illustraworld and to create the online sales website. On the subject of prices, it was very important to them to offer products at prices that everyone could afford. Today, Illustraworld offers custom illustration from photo at prices on average three times lower than the competition. There’s no doubt that it’s a real source of pride for us to be able to offer ourselves or a loved one a custom painting for less than €10.

Give the gift of a custom illustration from photo from €9.90 with Illustraworld

Illustraworld officially launched in December 2021 with the opening of its e-commerce website. Since we opened, our main concern has been customer satisfaction. We make it a point of honor to reply to all the messages we receive and to maintain an irreproachable after-sales service. As far as our delivery times are concerned, we are proud to be able to guarantee an average of just a few days for receipt of the digital format. It should be noted that our competitors offer lead times of up to several weeks.

Illustraworld will always listen to your needs and do its best to offer you high-quality custom illustration from photo at low prices.

Still not sure which photo to choose for your custom faceless portrait? See our page: Our tips on choosing the ideal photo.

Want to see all our work? Follow us on Instagram! We suggest you take a look. As well as a huge number of examples of our work, we also have some great surprises in store for you. We regularly organise competitions in which you can win free illustrations. We also run fun quizzes, in which you try to guess who’s behind an illustration without eyes and nose, for example. During the Christmas period, we have an advent calendar full of new products. And if you have a question, you can send us a PM directly on Instagram or use the contact form. Don’t have Instagram? Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with all our exclusives!

Testimonial from Mathias, aged 24, who ordered a custom illustration from photo on Illustraworld

“I discovered personalized paintings last Christmas. My sister had given me an illustration as a present. She chose a photo of me and her as children. She chose a beige simple background for the drawing, as she knows I’m a rather sober person. I absolutely loved the idea. I think it’s a great way of revitalizing a photo and bringing it up to date. In fact, I think it’s much more original to have a custom portrait as decoration than a photo. I put up the illustration of my sister and me in my bedroom. I really liked it, so I thought it would make a great gift idea for other people. When I see a good idea, I make it my own – that’s one of my principles!

So when I had to find a present for my girlfriend, I decided to give her a custom couple illustration. I had it made by Illustraworld from a photo of me and her. I chose my favorite photo of us together. It’s a photo we took in Spain. We went away for a weekend to relax. The picture shows the beautiful church in the little town where we stopped for lunch. As I chose the custom background option, the church is perfectly represented. It’s a really nice job. My girlfriend loved it. She congratulated me on coming up with such a lovely idea.

Testimonial from Laura, 36, who also ordered a personalized portrait

“I’ve always been a fan of graphics! I love the whole world of animation: manga, comics… My dream has always been to be part of it. To be the central character in these stories. So when I came across Illustraworld’s creations, I thought it was time! I could finally be illustrated. For the portrait, I chose a photo of myself taken by a photographer. It’s a beautiful photo with a romantic theme. The custom illustration from photo that came out of it is just incredibly beautiful. I’m at a loss for words. It’s really meticulous work.

I’m a graphic designer myself and I know that the technique of custom drawing (by hand or using software) takes time and concentration… and above all talent! And you’ve got talent at Illustraworld. The choice of colors is perfect and the lines are rounded, just the way I like them. Finally, I posted my Illustraworld portrait on Instagram and received lots of likes and comments. A lot of people asked me where I’d ordered it so they could do the same! So thanks again.”