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A nice custom portrait in illustration at an affordable price? Illustraworld makes it possible. Order your illustration from €9.90!

Order your custom portrait in illustration!

As a family, a couple, alone or with friends… Illustraworld will create the prettiest custom illustration for you.

First of all, let’s take a look at the custom portrait illustration. From a classic family or friends photo, we create a unique, colorful, graphic, modern drawing… that will be a real eye-catcher in your home.

Illustraworld engraves those precious moments spent together as a family or with friends: a vacation by the sea or in the mountains, a family Sunday with your family, an outing to the restaurant or simply dinner at home with your best friends. With this custom portrait illustration, you’ll be able to remember those moments that count. What’s more, if you have a family photo illustrated, you can offer the result to all family members. It makes gift-giving easier, especially at Christmas! And for your Secret Santa with friends, offer a custom faceless portrait.

Family also means friends!

After all, there’s the family you don’t choose, and then there’s the family you do choose: your friends. Illustraworld knows how important friendship can be. For some people, friends are like family. Illustraworld understands this and tries to convey it in its illustrations. That’s why, when we’re asked to illustrate a photo of a group of friends, we do our utmost to convey a warm, familiar and special atmosphere.

So, two best friends behind the project

In fact, as you may already know, the two founders of Illustraworld are actually friends : Charlotte and Cyriane. Best friends even! They went to high school together in France. They’ve known each other since 2013, soon to be 10 years! From the very first moment they met, it was love at first sight. It wasn’t long before they realized that they shared the same passions: drawing, art, graphic design and more…

So, they spent whole afternoons visiting all the museums in their city: Lyon. They organized trips to various European capitals in search of artistic inspiration such as Lisbon, Madrid, London, Budapest, Rome, Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Prague, Dublin and many more. And very quickly, they felt the need to initiate a creative project. They wanted to pass on their vision of graphic design. Their wish was to combine their shared passion for art with the “gift” and low-cost aspect. They really wanted to create a custom product that produced a lot of emotion, but was still affordable.

We’re always surprised by the power of custom illustrations. Indeed, we never tire of the emotion they bring to everyone. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We make it a point of honor to deliver a design that meets their expectations. Our aim is to bring happiness and make people smile. The most important thing is to be able to make customers happy by representing their fondest memories as works of art. If we exist today, it’s thanks to them, and we’ll never forget how grateful we are.

In conclusion, we hope to continue to receive as good feedback as we have so far.

Customer feedback from Antoine, 26, who bought a custom portrait illustration

“For Mother’s Day, I gave my mother a personalized portrait that I had Illustraworld make from a photo that is very important to our family. I have a family of 5: my mother, my father, my brother, my sister and me. As we’re a rather large family, with fairly wide age gaps, we don’t go on vacation together very often. But last year, we decided to all go together to my grandmother’s in Brittany. While there, we took a lovely photo of the five of us in front of the sea. My mother loves this photo. She has it as a wallpaper, in her study, in the living room… So, for Mother’s Day, I had this photo illustrated!

The result is just magnificent and the color of the sunset is incredible. The details are of the highest quality and, above all, I find the value for money very fair. My two siblings and I chipped in and paid a mere twenty euros each.

My mother was very moved and hung the illustration in the living room, next to her favorite painting. Now it’s the personalized family picture we gave her that has become her favorite! And she’s replaced her wallpaper with the drawing. I was able to give my mother the most beautiful gift ever. Thank you Illustraworld for all your hard work and responsiveness!”

Customer feedback from Julie, 40, who also bought a personalized family drawing

“First of all, I’m so happy with my purchase! I absolutely wanted a custom portrait of me and my four children. There’s one photo I particularly like, which was taken in the maternity ward after the birth of my twins. The problem is that in the photo, although you can tell I’m very happy, I’m also very tired! Well, guess what, in the picture, I look great! I killed two birds with one stone. I’ve got a beautiful picture made from my photo, and what’s more, I look ultra-rested.

What I love about Illustraworld’s custom portrait illustration is that it’s handmade. It’s very authentic, very handmade. Personally, I see it as the modern version of the portraits of yesteryear. We used to have an artist come and paint our portrait. Now, it’s much simpler and trendier with Illustraworld. I chose my options, uploaded my photo… And that was it!

I hung my beautiful family portrait in my bedroom. So when I go to bed at night, I look at it and remember how lucky I am. Thank you to Illustraworld for the quality of their work and for their availability, their advice and the little attention in the package they sent.”

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