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Make sure you respect the number of people (10 people) in the photo you upload (an animal counts as one person).
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From €9.90! Discover our custom drawings! We transform your photos into illustrations.

Custom drawings are part of the field of graphic design

That said, graphic design as such is much broader. It includes typography, drawings, colors, photos, etc. Graphic design can be summed up as a genuine creation resulting from the choice of graphic elements.

In the case of custom drawings, there is less choice to be made because the illustrator relies on the original photo. The main choice lies in the selection of colors. Every faceless portrait is different, but on the whole Illustraworld produces personalized portraits in bright colors.

Although we can say that the beginnings of graphic design go back to the first representations of animals on cave walls in prehistoric times, we find the arrival of medieval calligraphy very significant. Printing did not yet exist! In the Middle Ages, all texts were written by hand. Calligraphy was used to add an artistic touch and stand out from the crowd. The first logo dates back to around 1100, when the first coat of arms was created. With the invention of printing by Gutenberg and the printing of the very first book in 1454 (the Bible), graphic design took on a whole new dimension. However, the term “graphic design” was not coined until 1922 by William Addison Dwiggins, a designer.

Graphic design today!

Today, we couldn’t do without graphic design. In fact, it’s everywhere: every advert, every magazine cover, every book cover… Some designs are known the world over and are unforgettable. These include the cover of Jurassic Park created by graphic designer Chip Kidd and the famous Apple Apple designed by Rob Janoff. Finally, a little anecdote! Carolyn Davidson designed the iconic Nike logo, known as the ‘swoosh’, when she was still a student. She was paid just 35 dollars to create this logo (one of the most famous in the world)!

At Illustraworld, our graphic design guidelines are based on precise codes. As we said, we color our illustrations in fairly bright, flashy, eye-catching tones. We also deliberately simplify and round out the shapes to give a more pleasing, modern look. We’re still trying to achieve a true resemblance with the base photo. The aim is not to move away from the original photo, but to make it recognizable. In fact, we start from the photo to create something more artistic. Although there is a defined guideline, our illustrators naturally take each individual case into consideration. If an illustration needs to stay in dark or pastel tones to match the mood of the photo, then it will stay that way.

Still not sure which photo to choose? See our page: Our tips on choosing the ideal photo.

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The story of Charlotte and Cyriane with custom drawings

Charlotte and Cyriane are the two co-founders of Illustraworld. So why did they decide to launch into personalized paintings? It’s a beautiful story. First of all, it began with a friendship. It was the first year of high school that sealed the deal. The two girls grew very close very quickly. It’s fair to say that they did the 400 knocks! They were together all the time: out and about, at each other’s houses, at friends’ houses… and in class, of course. As far as school was concerned, they immediately got into the habit of working together.

Already at high school, they were revising all their lessons together, working in the same groups… They still remember those long hours revising for the baccalauréat when the sun was already shining and summer was just around the corner. They passed their exams with flying colors, thanks to their mutual support. Then, very quickly, they realized that one day they would be working together. Firstly because they had the same way of working, but also because they had the same tastes and the same passions.

One day, they talked about custom drawings. Each of them had come across this type of portrait on social networks. After talking about it for a while, and because they had a real interest in this world, they said to themselves: why not us? Why not try our hand at custom illustrations? And that’s how it all started. They created their graphic charter and came up with a name: Illustraworld. They called it Illustraworld because it was their shop for personalized illustrations from all over the world. From the outset, the main value of the project was to convey emotion. Custom drawings really do convey emotion.

Here is a short note from them

We know that our customers trust us to transform the photos they treasure. So every day we do our utmost not to disappoint them. When we think of the dozens and dozens of personalized portraits we’ve created, it brings tears to our eyes. We’re very moved by all the trust and strength our customers have shown us. You can be sure that we’ll continue to create high-quality custom paintings at affordable prices, so that everyone can experience the emotion of this type of product.

All our products are available on our Shop page. We offer several styles of illustration, each more original than the next. If you have any questions, you can contact our support team using the contact form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!