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Please make sure you respect the number of people (2 people) on the uploaded photo (an animal counts as one person).
If you would like several copies of the same illustration, go to our additional quantities product once the illustration has been added to your basket.
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We print our illustrations on photo paper.

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Looking for a custom portrait? We’ll illustrate your photo from €9.90 only. Fast reception!

Your custom portrait online at a low price

Illustraworld knows how unique everyone is. We are all different. And that’s why we love personalization so much.
The fact that we are offering custom illustration online at a low price is not insignificant for us.
We knew that personalized paintings existed, but very often the prices offered were quite high and we unfortunately couldn’t afford such a product. So we decided to create Illustraworld in order to offer custom portraits accessible to everyone. And above all, with a wide choice of illustrations: classic illustrations, couple illustrations or custom backgrounds.
Now, thanks to Illustraworld, you can custom your illustrations without breaking the bank! You can decorate your home with an object that reflects your personality. A decorative element that you have chosen. Something that has been created from scratch for you, and only you.
Similarly, if you want to give a present, Illustraworld allows you to give something personal. No more generic gifts that you pick up at the last minute from the nearest large chain shop.

Time to receive your order

So you may be wondering how far in advance you need to make arrangements to receive your drawing in time. Well, here again Illustraworld stands out. You receive the digital version of your illustration just a few days after placing your order. Printed versions are dispatched 1 to 2 working days after receipt of your digital format. We hope we’ve convinced you of our love for illustration and personalization in general. Our motivation is to offer our customers what they deserve: something unique, designed especially for them. In short, don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like more information, we’ll be delighted to get back to you.

Illustraworld, a family business

Well, not really a family business! In fact, Illustraworld was founded by two best friends: Charlotte and Cyriane. But as they like to say, they believe that the bond that unites them goes beyond the boundaries of friendship. They see each other as sisters. Hence the fact that Illustraworld is, you could say, a family business! The two founders try to spread the affection they have for each other in their work. Above all, they want Illustraworld’s portraits to reflect good humor, good feelings, love… The main reason they created Illustraworld was so that their customers could experience the joy of contemplating their personalized portrait. The aim is to bring them emotion.

Testimonial from Rose, 21, who bought a custom portrait on Illustraworld

“I bought a custom portrait on Illustraworld as a present for my best friend. We’ve known each other since secondary school. She’s someone who means a lot to me. Over the course of our friendship, we’ve taken lots of photos. It’s funny because you can see that we’ve really had every possible style of dress. For his birthday this year, I wanted to give him something special. I wanted an original gift that retraced our history. So I made a photo montage of the most emblematic photos from our relationship.

I chose 10 photos: one for each year. I then sent these 10 photos to Illustraworld so that they could turn them into illustrations. The result is incredible. I chose a different background color for each photo to get a very colorful result. I’m so happy with the result. You can really see us go from childhood, through adolescence to becoming beautiful young women. My best friend loved the gift. She already loved personalized drawings, so I knew she’d love it. She was very surprised to see that there wasn’t just one photo illustrated, but 10!

I also commissioned an illustration for Valentine’s Day to give to my boyfriend

He’s not a very demonstrative person but I wanted to give him a sentimental gift. However, I had to find something that wasn’t too much. I know he really likes decorating. His interior is just sublime. Very chic. So I wanted something that he could incorporate into his decor. Naturally, I thought of custom paintings! And I was right. I chose a photo of us taken in Italy, at the Trevi Fountain. To do this, I selected the custom background option.

Wow! The faceless portrait was incredible. I had it printed in a small A5 format because, as you know, my boyfriend is a pretty plain person. He was delighted with the gift. He thought it was very original and above all, he said he liked knowing that there was a part of me in his decoration. Thank you to Illustraworld for allowing me to give gifts that I really enjoyed. I’ll definitely be ordering from you again. I really want to give custom portrait to my loved ones for Christmas. I know they’ll love it and I could well become the best gift giver in the family if this continues. For a change, I’m thinking of having a digital version of the illustration printed on a T-shirt. Original, isn’t it?”

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