Custom Couple Portrait 2 people

For the Illustration Couple 2 people, we will write your two first names and a special date at the bottom of the illustration.

Make sure that the number of people (2 people) on the uploaded photo is correct (an animal counts as one person).
If you would like several copies of the same illustration, go to our additional quantities product once the illustration has been added to your basket.
Your digital illustration will be sent to you by email.
We print our illustrations on photo paper.

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Illustraworld creates your custom couple portrait from €14.90! It’s the ideal gift for your lover for a special occasion or not.

Illustraworld is in love!

Being in love is a very special and unique feeling, and Illustraworld wanted to celebrate it with its Couple custom illustration.
Illustraworld dedicates this custom couple portrait to couples all over the world! And we know how different every couple is.
We added two extra touches of personalization (beyond the photo illustration itself):
– Add both first names (for example : Loris & Mathilde)
– Adding a date (for example : 15/06/2017)
Firstly, add the two first names. A couple is the combination of two names YOU + ME = OUR COUPLE. Two names that are forever engraved next to each other, thanks to Illustraworld.
Secondly, add a date. And not just any date! Just as you like. We’re thinking of a date that’s special to you: the date you got together, got married or a more secret date, it’s up to you!

Illustraworld has already illustrated hundreds of couples. We can’t get enough of them! In fact, the custom couple portrait is one of our favorite products. We love the poses of the people illustrated: some holding hands, others hugging, kissing, dancing, enjoying… And then, there are the most emblematic photos of the bride and groom, which always evoke a very special emotion. In fact, it’s during Valentine’s Day that we produce the most custom drawings of couples. It’s always a pleasure to see that our customers place their trust in us. They put in our hands the realization of a gift for their loved one, and this for an important moment. Consequently, we do our best to not disappointed them, and to live up to their expectations as fast as possible.

Why order a custom couple portrait?

This custom couple portrait is a wonderful gift idea for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, an anniversary, a special moment… But also a gift idea for a non-special occasion. Why not treat your loved one just for being nice?
In any case, thanks to Illustraworld, you’ve found the gift that will touch your loved one’s heart. And would you like the icing on the cake? The couple illustration starts at €14.90! It is really the best value for money!
There’s no need to make excuses, you’ve got the chance to delight your soul mate without breaking the bank.
Finally, the second cherry on the cake (they always go hand in hand, don’t they?): this gift will complete your decor with a colorful, personal and romantic touch. If you live together, then this gift is a little bit for you too!

The lovely story of Sofia and Nathan

“Nathan and I have been a couple for over 15 years. He’s my first love. We fell in love in high school. It was love at first sight. Our story can be summed up in a photo. Firstly, there’s the first photo, taken on the day of our first kiss. It was magical. Nathan had taken me for a hot chocolate at the Christmas market after school. We took a lovely photo in front of the Christmas tree. He kissed me right after we took the photo. Then, there was our first romantic vacation together, to Croatia. Once again, we took some lovely photos on our outings as a couple.

After that, we took many trips and outings, and spent almost all our time together. We visited more than 10 countries and discovered some wonderful places. Our favorite country was Indonesia, especially Bali. It’s a magical place that enchanted us. We took a photo at every place we visited to keep a souvenir forever. Thank goodness for photos, which allow us to remember all our most beautiful moments.

5 years ago, Nathan asked me to marry him. The proposal was ultra-romantic. We’d spent a weekend in the south of France in October. The two of us were strolling along the beach, practically alone, when suddenly Nathan got down on one knee. The ring was so beautiful. I said yes without hesitation. We also took a photo of that beautiful moment: the two of us, looking out at the sea, tears in our eyes as we thought about our future union.

The wedding

Then, the wedding day arrived! For the decorations, we continued with the photography theme, but more graphic. We had large personalized paintings of our couple printed. In fact, we sent Illustraworld all the photos that were most important to us: the photo of the Christmas market, the photo of our first vacation together, the photo of the proposal… And their team of illustrators created a magnificent custom couple illustration for each photo.

So we placed these drawings of our couple all over the wedding hall: as decoration, but also on the menu and on the goodies (more precisely, on the bags of sugared almonds). Our guests loved it. They said you could feel the love through the design. That’s what we were looking for. These photos were so important to us. We thought that having them transformed into a custom portrait could really give them a more modern and accessible feel…

After the wedding

Then, to continue with the photos, you should know that we took quite a few during the ceremony and the evening! Pictures of our family, our friends… and of course of us, the bride and groom! Consequently, we selected the prettiest photos and sent them to Illustraworld to receive them as custom paintings. As a gift, we gave our guests small A5 paintings of the illustration on which they appeared. Everyone was delighted. Especially our mothers. They hung our most beautiful custom couple picture (the one created from the most beautiful photo of the two of us taken during the wedding) in their respective living rooms.

One thing’s for sure, though, and that’s that I’ll be recommending Illustraworld to transform our future photos. Maybe for those of our future children, who knows?”

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