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A custom digital illustration at a low price

Turn your best photo into a custom digital illustration from just €9.90, for gifts or just to treat yourself!

A quality custom digital illustration

At Illustraworld, we turn your most beautiful family photo into a magnificent custom digital illustration. How do we do it? Thanks to our talented illustrators who hand-draw over your photo using design software.

We know that the photos you send us are very important to you. So we do our utmost to create the prettiest, happiest custom drawing possible. Happy? Yes, our illustrations are very colorful, sparkling and full of life, just like the families, couples and friends we illustrate! We’ve produced a huge number of personalized drawings of families. Whether it’s a faceless portrait of a family of 2, 3, 4, 5 people or even more!

On our site, we offer products ranging from 1 to 10 people, but if your photo represents a larger family, contact us for a quote.

The personalized family picture is something our illustrators love to do. Often, the love that reigns within the family is completely visible in the photo and is transcribed onto the drawing.

We’ve had a lot of positive feedback on our custom made illustrations. When we created Illustraworld, it was for this very reason: to bring love to our customers. To enable them to transform their photos into veritable works of art while remaining within affordable budgets. So when we receive compliments, we couldn’t be happier.

custom digital illustration

A great gift

Maybe you’ve already realized it, but the custom digital illustration has huge gift potential. Yes, if it’s a friend’s birthday, for example, giving her a faceless portrait will totally surprise her! In a good way, don’t worry. It’s a highly original gift, and above all, it’s one that’s sure to stir the emotions of the recipient. The artistic aspect of the gift adds to the “wow” factor. By giving a custom portrait, you’re sure to make a great impression. Your gift is likely to be the best gift that person will ever receive!

At Illustraworld, we’re no strangers to family illustrations, as almost everyone in our family has ordered one! The thing that comes back most often is that people love the personal and decorative aspects. It’s great to be able to decorate your own home with objects that are also unique to you. We’re all very different people, so why should we all have the same things? With a custom digital illustration, your family becomes a work of art that you can proudly display.

Testimonials from customers who have bought a custom digital illustration

Fanny, 44 years old

“I ordered 3 illustrations of my family from Illustraworld. One faceless portrait was of my three children jumping off a pontoon. I love this poster because it reminds me of a wonderful moment we shared as a family on holiday by the sea. That day, we’d driven a long way to get to this pretty beach and swimming was a real relief. I’ve also had two photos of the five of us illustrated, one by a pond and the other on our last summer holiday. It’s funny because my daughter’s foot is in a cast in the illustration.

Thank you to Illustraworld for these lovely creations, which remind me of some wonderful family moments. I’ve also had extra copies printed to give to the children’s grandmothers! I loved the concept so much that now, when I have to give someone a present, I don’t hesitate – it’s a direct Illustraworld. Incidentally, I haven’t mentioned the price, but that too was a real surprise. Illustraworld is really cheaper than all its competitors. I couldn’t believe the price! That’s why it’s my favourite gift. You give someone a top-of-the-range product because it’s totally personalized and it doesn’t cost you a penny. What a pleasure!

custom digital illustration
custom digital illustration
custom digital illustration

Yanis, 40 years old

“I had to find a present for Mother’s Day. Something to give to my wife, the mother of my children. When I came across Illustraworld’s custom digital illustration, it was a real revelation. It was the perfect gift. My wife is a keen decorator. Our living room is full of little colorful objects that bring joy to our home. So, as you can imagine, when I realized that I could transform what she loves most in the world (our family) into a small, colorful decorative object, I hit the jackpot.

And I wasn’t wrong! When my wife opened her present, she cried! She thought it was adorable, extremely well made and, above all, she was very moved by this sweet gesture on my part. As for my daughters, it’s the same thing! They had so much fun watching themselves being drawn. My youngest even asked me if I’d created a cartoon just for her. How sweet!
Thank you to Illustraworld for immortalizing this wonderful family moment that will live on forever.

Illustraworld as close to you as possible

Charlotte and Cyriane, the two co-founders of Illustraworld, are available to answer your questions via our contact form as soon as you wish. Customer relations are very important to us. We really want to support our customers in their choice of photo and answer any questions they may have. What’s more, when it comes to choosing a photo, we’ve created a page containing all our advice on choosing the best photo to illustrate. You’ll find it right here.

If you still have questions, we’re available by email or via the contact form.

We’re also on Instagram! We regularly publish photos and stories, and we like to get closer to our community by offering competitions and polls. So follow us now!