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An original and colorful family portrait illustration!

Transform your most beautiful photos into family portrait illustration from just €9.90 for gifts or just to treat yourself!

family portrait illustration
family portrait illustration

At Illustraworld, we’ll transform your photo into a family portrait illustration in just a few days (see the home page for the current deadline). All our custom portraits are created by hand, by a professional illustrator, using graphic design software. We take our work to heart. We know that transforming your photo into an original personalized family portrait is very important to you. That’s why we put all our energy into creating the most beautiful design possible.

We have already created many designs for many customers. All the feedback we’ve had has been very positive. Your compliments are our best reward. After all, the main reason we do what we do is to bring happiness and emotion to people. We love the fact that hundreds of people have an Illustraworld drawing in their home right now.

Would you like to see examples of our work? Follow us on Instagram! You’ll see that we regularly post new examples and, from time to time, we run competitions so that you can win a custom faceless portrait!

Testimonial from Fleur, 36, who bought a family portrait illustration

“I ordered an original personalized family picture from Illustraworld a few months ago and I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. Firstly, placing the order was very simple. I uploaded the photo of my family (my husband and I and my two children). Then I chose my options (with eyes and nose, custom background and printed A3). I filled in my details and paid. And that was it! I received the digital format of my design just 3 days after ordering. For the printed format, only a week. I was blown away. The icing on the cake: I think the prices are more than fair. In fact, I’ve never found anything cheaper. I’d definitely recommend it! Especially as my whole family loved it (I even had one printed for my mother). Thank you Illustraworld.

What is a family portrait illustration?

As you can see above, a custom picture is the transformation of a photo into a personalized poster. The illustrator starts with the initial photo and goes over it point by point using design software. Then, she rounds off the shapes, chooses what to show and what not to show, chooses the colors (based on the photo, of course) and harmonises the whole thing. It’s not an easy exercise, and it takes time. But simplifying the image doesn’t mean it’s any less of a likeness! In fact, most of the work lies in the fact that the people illustrated have to be recognizable, despite the simplification.

Overall, the result is a real little work of art in the image of your family, or your couple, or your group of friends… So we offer a very colorful and original style, our illustrations for 1 to 10 people. But we also offer other styles.

Our other styles

Overall, minimalist drawings are like our classic style, except that in the minimalist style, the illustrator will only draw the contours. In fact, she will go over the contours she deems necessary for us to recognize you: the outside of the arms, the shoulders, the shape of the face, the hair, the eyebrows, the mouth… And she will leave these contours in black. The rest of the drawing will be white. The result is a highly poetic and minimalist original black and white family portrait illustration. Once again, the incredible thing about this type of drawing is that you’ll recognize yourself! Personally, we think it’s crazy. It proves that we’re all so different that the simple act of drawing the contours of our body, our face, our haircut… is enough to define us immediately.

Alternatively, we also have our backgrounds illustrations category. In this category, you’ll find our city illustrations (we’ve illustrated a beautiful view of Lyon, Marseille and Paris). But you’ll also find our custom background product, which lets you order an illustration of any landscape you want. In fact, with our 1 to 10 person illustrations, you can also have a landscape illustrated by choosing the custom background option (i.e. we’ll illustrate the background of your photo). The difference is that the custom background product is reserved for landscapes only; we don’t illustrate the people in the photo.

Finally, couple illustration

Finally, a word of clarification. We’ve decided to propose a special product, the couple illustration. This product is the same as a classic 2 people illustration except that with the couple illustration, for the same price, you can add two first names and a date to the drawing.

In fact, we added a white rectangle to the bottom of the illustration and we thought it was very romantic to add the first names of the two people in the couple as well as a date they hold dear, such as the date they first met, the date of their wedding…

We’ve sold lots of couple illustrations, and we’re very proud of them because we keep telling people that they’re the best gift to give your boyfriend or girlfriend. After all, what could be more romantic and personal than a gift that is the very essence of a couple? It’s crazy to have a real work of art that represents the couple in an original and artistic way. What’s more, it’s a very useful gift, as it can be used to decorate the cosy little nest in which the couple live!